Why We Should Care About Dolphins

dolphin playing

Dolphins in general are not yet among the most endangered species, except probably for the river dolphins. But just because they’re not nearing the brink of extinction at the moment doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about their plight.

There have been ethical issues raised about dolphins in captivity many of which are trained to provide educational experiences. Dolphin experiences in controlled environments have helped promote awareness about the specie. Many children have learned from their interactions and close encounters with dolphins.

But captivity has found to have negative effects on dolphins. For this reason, many support conservationists’ call for more ethical practices in dealing with dolphins. We are not experts on wildlife conservations. But we are passionate about dolphins. This is why we believe that understanding them more could help in raising awareness on how to better care for them in our own little ways. Here are some videos about dolphins that could make you rethink the way you view them:

1. Dolphins: Even Smarter Than You Thought – Nat Geo Live

There have been many references about dolphins’ incredible intelligence. The 1996 film Flipper has endeared the dolphin to many people who have watched it. The amazing displays of smarts have sparked more interest about his kind. Researchers have likewise noticed intelligence in their subjects. Many have remarked on dolphins’ abilities to learn tricks. And you don’t have to look far than the ocean theme parks that feature dolphin shows. Part of what makes these shows popular, especially among children is the fascinating displays of abilities and tricks dolphins learned from their trainers. This clip from National Geographic explains why dolphins may even be smarter than we think they are.

2. The Cove | Film Trailer | Participant Media

The Cove Movie Extended Clip – Taiji

These movie trailers are about a documentary film released in 2009. The Cove is an award-winning film that is raw and heartbreaking. It was also controversial given the difficulties filmmakers encountered to create the movie. It tells of the dolphin hunting activities in a town in Japan, which was kept secret from outsiders. The lucrative hunting practices had the support of many of the townspeople, which made filming it even more challenging. It is a difficult movie to watch, especially at the part when the horrible slaughter of the dolphins was shown.


Dolphin Watching Tips: Responsible Ways to Watch Dolphins


Here at Florida Dolphin Watch, we believe that the best ways to have a dolphin experience is to watch them at their natural habitat. While many dolphins in captivity are well-taken cared for by their caretakers, they are still constrained by their surroundings. The interactions they have with humans who feed and play with them can also affect their wellbeing and ability to survive in the wild if they get the chance to go back to the oceans where they came from.

One of the best ways to help dolphin and wildlife conservation efforts is to promote responsible dolphin watching activities and behaviors. Here are some simple ways to do that:

Choose the right tour operators

Look for dolphin watching tour operators that support ethical practices. Preferably, find those that advocate conservation efforts and not just see the tours as purely business. They should equally be invested in protecting the dolphins from irresponsible behaviors during the tours. With the trip

Support knowledgeable guides

Find skippers or tour guides who are knowledgeable about dolphins. A good dolphin watching experience is when you get off the boat knowing more about dolphins than when before you started with the trip. These are the kind of people and business that you would want to put your money into.

Verify affiliations

There are some operators who may not be honest or straightforward when citing affiliations. Some just put names of trusted organizations even if they are not bona fide members. If you want to confirm such memberships, make time to check the websites of the organizations cited to see if the tour operator is listed.

Take note of irresponsible practices

Observe the skipper’s behaviors when moving towards sighted dolphins. The least you can do is to take note of irresponsible behaviors that could potentially put dolphins at risk so you can make a report to the proper authorities after your tour.

Be more selective during peak season

Avoiding the crowd during the peak season could also mean missing out on the many sightings you can have during that period. One of the downsides of the busy season is that some tour operators become short-handed when it comes to fielding their most knowledgeable and experienced crews. They may resort to allowing less responsible skippers or guides to handle tours to accommodate the influx of tourists. The best thing you can do is to be more selective in picking an operator to ensure that you do not become part of unethical dolphin watching activities or practices.


Safety Tips When Watching Dolphins

Dolphins are lovely creatures. Who doesn’t love them? They are cute, funny, lovely! But they can be dangerous too. Of course, they can be disturbed too.

How can we avoid this? We’ll tell you how! Let’s go ahead and tackle some safety tips when watching dolphins.

Keep an Eye on Them

Watch for dolphins all the time. They are fast swimmers and can “fly” too! You’ll never predict when will they jump on and hit you especially when you are near with them. So, don’t leave your eye on them.

Don’t Even try to touch or feed them

Cute Dolphin
Aww. That’s Cute. 2 Seconds Later…

Don’t ever try to do this without a guide! They can bite or even push you into the water. Take a professional with you to guide you when feeding or touching them.

Watch for their Behavior

Do you find the dolphin’s behavior weird? If yes, then immediately move away. Do this at a slow steady pace to prevent the dolphins from being disturb. A sudden change in their behavior isn’t good and could mean that they are disturbed.

Don’t Get into the Water

It doesn’t matter how cute dolphins are too you. Don’t get into the water with them! This can be done with a professional by your side. But doing this alone can be dangerous.

Trained dolphins aren’t that harmful as untrained ones. Do these things to keep you safe and away from possible injuries when watching lovely dolphins! If you want to make your dolphin watching experience memorable, just follow these tips to make the most of it!


Make sure you read these simple tips before driving your family to the dolphin show. Why do wheels look like going backwards anyway? I’m curious about that. Oh, nevermind.

I hope this helps you. Thanks and I’ll see you next time.



Perfect Embrace to Slay the Cold Evening

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”
–Anne Bradstreet

Do you agree that winter can make the spring pleasant? Let’s reflect on this food for thought.  Success is sweeter if we achieve it by hurdling all the hindrances and the problems. It would be meaningless if success is achieved without any obstacles.  Can you see it? We need challenges to keep us going in life. In other words, we need the winter to enjoy fully the coming spring season.  Life in the spring will be empty without the sweet ingredients taken from the intricacies brought by the winter season.

The frigid evenings happen naturally since winter comes every year.  It changes our patterns of life and our means of living a more convenient life. The weather should not let you think that you will just embrace whatever life has for you in the bleak season. Doing so is just a way of surrendering all your happiness and comfort.

The fact that you can’t just skip the winter season is a perfect motivation to prepare for its grand come back to stay warm and safe. Now, if you think using a heater will make your wallet cry for the energy it can consume, you can still keep warm all winter long. Just have that perfect embrace that can keep you warm. Check reviews of electric blankets to slay the cold evenings. An electric blanket can give you a toasty treat in the chilly nights. It is known to be a cost-effective device which can give a comfortable sleep when it’s terribly cold. Heat is dispersed through built-in wires in electric blankets which make it consume less energy.

Why should you invest in an Electric Blanket?

The cold nights tell you to make a way to keep warm in bed. Using an electric blanket most efficiently will not only keep you toasty but also helps you keep your energy and heating costs manageable. You need the nightly warmth you deserve.

An electric blanket is safe to use as long as you follow safety measures in using it and you should often check it for loose connections, damaged cords, frayed fabric and most importantly you should be replacing it every 10 years.  Moreover, for safety reasons, you should not let your young children use it.

staying warm in the winter

You don’t have to pull over layers of thick blankets during the cold nights of the winter season; an electric blanket alone can keep you warm and comfortable.  Hug this perfect warming blanket in the winter nights and you will get enough sleep that you need. You will enjoy a long and deep sleep because your electric blanket gives you low-level heat throughout the night.

Slay the cold nights with an electric blanket.  It keeps you warm and makes you save energy. Just use it properly and follow manufacturer’s safety guidelines to have more fantastic nights.  Have a good night’s sleep, everyone!



Hey, Let’s Create the Smoothest Smoothies

Mastering the basics of juicing will take you to a higher level of creating the smoothest of smoothies. Smoothies are best enjoyed when they are smooth that they just melt in your mouth. Blending in a proper manner will make you achieve the great smooth consistency even with the coarse greens such as collards and kale. Would this be possible making the coarse greens smooth? It is just a matter of choosing the quality smoothie blender and following blending techniques. Some smoothie and juicing fanatics make the most of the helpful juicing videos on the web that will give them fantastic juicing ideas. Your fresh produce at home will become even tastier and flavorful by putting them in a quality blender. If you are a beginner in making shakes and smoothies and you want to give it a try, you are lucky to have met this useful link: http://juicerkings.com/best-blenders-for-smoothies/.

Achieving your perfectly smooth smoothie requires using the best ingredients and understanding the proper way of blending. Take note of the best techniques in making your smoothies smooth to enjoy delicious and nutritious drinks. It is best to use frozen fruits to enjoy creamier and thicker smoothie. The colder drink will freshen up your day!.

Create your banana smoothie or any other smoothie recipes with compassion and you will enjoy this fantastic health drink like no other. Be creative in your blending ways and make the most from your fruits and vegetables. The plant foods provide your body with the essential nutrients needed to become active and healthy. It can be easily done and can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Your high-quality smoothie blender will give you the freedom to make your perfect mixtures of fruits and vegetables. This will make you and your family enjoy the delicious and super nutritious drink. By making your own smoothies, you can as well make it healthier by educating yourself with the best fruits and veggies for your overall diet. Make it a habit and you will notice the great difference it gives to your health.

juicing ideas

Explore your original concoctions by using the most reliable smoothie blender in the market. If you are new to this healthy regimen, consider choosing the most versatile blender that will suit your needs. Always remember, that you are not doing for taste pleasure alone, but it’s more on enjoying the smooth smoothies for your health. As far as nutritionists are concerned, we need to give ourselves the right servings of fruits and veggies on daily basis and enjoy the goodness in fruits and veggies.

Owning a high-quality smoothie blender will give you the best opportunity to make the most of your greens such as lettuce and spinach. Your refreshing smoothies will make you feel better each day. The rejuvenating drinks are a perfect addition to your healthy diet plans. Make your smoothies smooth by just following simple blending techniques and enjoy a fantastic drink every day!


Know the Must-have Tool for Handymen

Options for the best power tool are somewhat overwhelming. They have features that catch your attention but one of them remains special to the hearts of handymen. The miter saw got it all. It’s impressive unique features spell excellence.  Be updated on what are the latest online reviews for the miter saw and perhaps take home the best of the best miter saw.

Handymen, wood enthusiasts, and DIY homeowners always aim for the best work.  Their great projects are a manifestation of their passion for woodworking and a great showcase of their craftsmanship.  They need assistance in producing the finest handiwork, that’s for sure. The precise crosscuts at selected angles are impossible with a less credible tool. Your efforts and investment will be put to waste if your tasks are not backed up with the most indispensable cutting tool. In other words, these people in the cutting industry just need the handiest tool in the market. To cut it short, they need to avail the services of the miter saw.

Making accurate 90-degree crosscuts is an easy thing for the miter saw. Likewise, the perfectly angled miter cuts are made easy with the saw. These are some of the most common cuts that need utmost accuracy and precision. These make the miter saw a highly dependable and efficient specialty tool.  Most handymen and operators are aiming to have one in their collections.  They find the miter saw the perfect buddy to achieve the most complicated cuts. The tool is a perfect fit to different cutting chores.

Handymen really take the benefit of owning one of the best brands and models of the miter saw. They find satisfaction in the miter saw as a power cutter.  The stability of the blade and the built-in blade guards make the miter saw even more credible and safer to use. Hence, the miter saw becomes one of the must-have tools for handymen. They find the miter saw an appropriate tool to achieve their tough cutting goals.

Handymen and DIYers feel comfortable working if they are aided by the best tool in the wood shop. It’s particularly important to choose the right power cutter for certain applications to keep safe and to get the satisfaction of your effort and valuable resources.  The miter saw is just the right tool a handyman like you deserves.


Watching Cooking Shows Influences Your Kitchen

Get inspiring cooking ideas from cooking enthusiasts.

Discover the world of food in cooking shows. Food channels have become so dedicated that they tandem with celebrity chefs  to share to the public viewers amazing cooking tips and unique recipes.  The full episodes of cooking influence you to incorporate the best cooking ideas into your own kitchen. The emergence of food networks made us aware of our own cooking practices. It is somehow a reflection of how we prepare our meals for our family.  As the master chef demonstrates his ways of preparing mouthwatering dishes, you come to realize that there is something special in your kitchen.

Even young kids are already taught of how to go about in the kitchen. They learned that cooking will be done so fast through a pressure cooker. As seen on TV , pressure cooker gives you the best ideas of how to do the cooking hassle-free and very nutritional.

Why do we learn to love watching cooking TV shows? It is because of our amazing interests to become an amazing home cook.  We need to learn new cooking tips and techniques that will pique the eating interests of our family. Hence, our kitchen becomes a busy place for your hearty stew, heart-warming broth, and tasty meals.

We are in a generation of TV food shows. This is quite advantageous on our part now that we need to value home cooking as it has been a significant part of our everyday living.  I personally take advantage of instructional cooking shows. I gain interesting cooking ideas that I readily incorporate in my kitchen. Through these informative cooking TV shows, I got the idea of how helpful a pressure cooker is. It makes cooking easy, fast, and healthy.  That is why I made it a point to set aside a chunk of my budget to invest for this amazing kitchen appliance. It’s really worth the money and the effort.

Homemade meals are nutritious. It is in this light that home cooking is a trend today. Many housewives prefer to prepare nutritious meals for their family rather than eating in opulent restaurants.  These housewives become the master chefs in their households. They find it a great privilege because it is their best opportunity to take control of what to include in their cooking. They have the perfect choice of choosing the best quality ingredients that will ensure nutritious and delicious meals for their family. These housewives believe that food is not just something to be filled in an empty stomach. It has to be a great nutritive value which is prepared with love and compassion.  There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your family so happy with what you have prepared for them.


Cooking TV shows inspire you and me to prepare our own meals. Don’t let restaurants to prepare your meals. If possible, exert all means and efforts to apply what you have seen on TV cooking shows and you are free to make modifications of the best recipes to make them fit your lifestyle and cooking preferences.


How to Retain the Pool’s Warm and Clean Water?

The swimming pool is an awesome place to be.  Owning a swimming pool in your backyard will be a fantastic idea to keep cool and to relax.  Whether having an in-ground or above ground pool, it’s highly recommended to retain the pool’s water, warm and clean.  Take notice of the top 3 best solar pool covers. Consider owning one of them to make you enjoy swimming in the pool all throughout the year.

buying a solar pool cover

Swimming in the pool with your family and friends is a great way to create meaningful moments and renew friendships. Therefore, it is important to always prepare your pool to give the perfect accommodation possible. The warm and crystal clear water in the pool will give the perfect welcome for its users.

The solar pool cover which is referred to as solar blanket is a great way to retain the warm and clean water in the pool. It’s known to be an efficient and inexpensive way of keeping the heat in your pool. It’s the simplest way to maintain the warmth in your pool.

Using a solar pool cover will prevent the water in the pool to evaporate; hence, the frequency of adding chemicals to the water is reduced. Let not the sun’s heat to disturb the water in your swimming pool. Make it a point to keep the water there, during the desired swimming schedules. The solar blanket will prevent the water in the pool to evaporate quickly.

buying a solar pool cover

The swimming pool has to be kept clean all throughout the summer months or the swimming season. The perfect maintenance requires a great amount of money which sometimes causes the brows of pool owners to rise. Well, for your convenience and for the relaxation of your budget, the solar pool cover will be the great remedy. Using it will make you spend less time, money and effort. As you cover the pool, the debris and dirt are prevented from getting into the pool. Much cleaning is somewhat reduced.

Swimming during early spring or when the weather is cool, it is most desired to keep the pool water warm. Of course, who would like to dive into the freezing cold water? Let the pool cover absorb the sun’s heat.  Keep your pool water warm and clean. Retain these pool features using the best solar pool cover.

Swimming in the pool is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. This means of relaxation and recreation will be more effective if you plunge into the water with your desired temperature. Secure the pool water’s warmth and cleanliness to make swimming a fantastic activity for the whole family.


Baking Your Heart’s Desire

bakingPersonally, I’m deeply inspired by this line: Baking is for love made visible.

Baking has been with us over the years. It’s a creative way of self-expression. The sweetness of your cakes and the delectability of your pie speak of your being admirable as a person. You can  express what your heart desires in our Bread Machine World. Be guided by the extensive reviews and be inspired by the informative presentation of the bread machines.

Whatever your heart desires is ultimately not a hassle with the use of the bread machines. Stuff your favourite pastries and cakes with colorful and sweet fillings. The delicious treats are endless for your heart’s desires offer great possibilities for more!  Exploring the sweets and all are fun with baking.

Oh, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Such and such… Oh, pretty well the amazement if the sweets are tasted forms bonds. The freshly-baked loaves of bread are also your heart’s desire to health.

Bread is one of the oldest valuable foods. It performs its great role in keeping our balanced diet. Baking is a smart step towards improving your health. For sure, being healthy is one of your heart’s desires.  Who would not want it? Baking has offered ways of maintaining health and keeping fit. Amazing healthy baking recipes are on the blocks to help you bake your heart’s desire.


Bake your way to a healthier heart. Include fruits and whole grains in your ingredients and your heart will dance in glee. Never ignore what your heart desires. Bake. Just bake everything. Show your skill and be the best example for others.

Your heart- shaped red cake is one of the baking’s masterpieces. Would you believe that good things come to those who bake? Then, baking has become a super skill. Bake your pastries, cakes, bread and cookies with a pure heart, and surely you will make great things out of it. As you read this, try to feel what your heart desires.


What Makes Hunting a Great Fun in the Wild?

rifle scopes

Hunting is like chasing your dreams in the labyrinth of existence. The maze complicates the energy. There is no perfect detour for the most valid shots. However, there is always the best way to make hunting your most satisfying passion. What I am saying is, you have to make certain modifications. Define your favorite rifle or gun before shooting. Our top rated rifle scopes will help you do it. We simplify your options to make it easy for you. Choose the most decent rifle scope and fit it to your hunting needs.

The exhilarating moments in the countryside and the unparalleled adrenaline rush while stalking the wild make hunting extraordinary. Hunting isn’t  bad. The inadequacy of knowledge of purpose stings its aim. It’s not savage blood-lust. It’s about controlling for a common goal.

Purchasing the best rifle scope will help you have fun in the wild. It’s giving your rifle its very discerning eye. It is the eye of your rifle. Having a rifle scope is really a perfect investment if you are an avid hunter and the wild is your fantasy.


A rifle scope magnifies your vision. It is a great support to hit your target. Would you accept the concept that the quality of a rifle scope is of more importance than the quality of your gun or rifle? Could it be possible that you can hit targets impressively with a great rifle scope on a mediocre rifle?  It’s the essence of the most reliable rifle scope.

The rifle scope is to magnify your target. It makes hunting even more fun and not daunting. Choose the best optics. For sure they might cost a great deal but they will also help you in a great deal.

If you are a novice hunter, then it’s your best chance to magnify your best hunting interests. The inevitable weather conditions can be intimidating, but the optic industry has creative solutions for the water, fog, and moist. Riflescopes come in different kinds and features. It’s up to you to be wise enough and make your best choice. The rifle scope should be about your shooting preferences and not about what you really like. A deer shooter uses a different scope with that of a target shooter.

A perfect match of a rifle scope and a rifle makes hunting a great fun in the wild. You will not miss your target with the best rifle scope. It will help you unravel the mystery in the wild. It’s a little work on your part.

It is important to check the features of the rifle scope and familiarize you with its parts. This is a must. Check the scope’s lenses. It is the most important part of a rifle scope. It is composed of the objective lens and the ocular lens. These two are connected. The lens at the farthest end of the scope is the objective lens while the lens closest to the eye is the ocular lens.

Rifle scopes are like telescopes. They can be your best hunting buddy together with your favorite rifle. The scope gives you crosshair or reticle to exactly give you the ideal spot of your target.

There is fun in the wild. Not everybody is given a chance to be in the most amazing and untouched parts of the world. If you are a hunter, then you can just be so lucky!


Amazing Archers at the Olympic Games

archery goals

Just as how pleasurable is watching  dolphins frolicking out in the open water to display their wit and intelligence in performing acrobatic tricks, such is the way of great amazing archers overwhelming display of their targeting skills.

Gain inspiration from these people as you make yourself you through this link http://BowJudge.com/best-crossbow-reviews-guide. You might as well be more inspired of the ideas and details you get from here.

Witness as they shoot their very best game!

Hubert Van Innis of Belgium- the greatest archer of all time

His excellent performances made him known as the best all-time performing archer at the Olympic Games. He had proven his might by winning six gold medals and three silver medals between the successful years 1900 and 1920. His incredible passion in archery made him the most successful man of Olympic history. This is pretty awesome to note. Two thumbs up for the first Belgian to win an Olympic Gold. Indeed, he is the greatest archer with a fantastic golden arrow.


Kim Soo-Nyung of South Korea- the supreme Olympic Archer

She has been known as “the star of the Korean team“. This world-dominating archer is now a double gold medalist. Her incredible performance led her to be nicknamed “The Viper”.

Park Sung-Hyun of South Korea- meet the Greatest Olympic Archer of the 21st Century

Her terrific skills made her won a gold medal at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Her deep appreciation of archery made her share her thoughts and inspirations. She considered the Olympics as the best memories of her life. For her, the memories are always and will always be overwhelming, exciting and unforgettable.


Matilda Howell of USA- meet the Competitive Archer in the Early Twentieth Century

At the  1904 Summer Olympics, She was an incredible American archer who won three gold medals in archery. Her 17 national championships out of the 20 competitions set her the most coveted golden record of success in American Olympics.

Overwhelming victories! Fantastic performance! The acts of excellence that create accomplishments a country can be proud of. 




5 Dolphin Watching Destinations in Florida


There are many places to see dolphins in Florida. And when you go seek them out you’ll likely have the added pleasure of seeing whales as well. Our personal picks of places to go for dolphin watching are out in open waters – at the ocean where we feel that they are at their happiest. There is something inexplicable about watching dolphins and whales frolic out in open water. Some tour operators even offer swimming with dolphin experiences. There are also eco-tours where tourists can kayak in areas known for dolphin sightings. If you’re looking for places to go for a dolphin watching adventure, here are some of the many you can find in Florida:

1. Destin

Dolphins are naturally playful and you don’t have to find trained ones in marine parks to witness their acrobatic displays. Their spontaneous frolicking can be a constant source of amazement and awe for people who are lucky enough to watch up close. There are many dolphins to see in Destin. And they have been known to swim near the touring boat so you can see them much closer than you might think.

2. Everglades City

Everglades City is a great place to visit for nature enthusiasts who might be on the lookout for some adventures. Here you can go kayaking and let your efforts be rewarded with sightings of dolphins and other marine species.

3. Fort Pierce

Take a tour from Fort Pierce where it’s guaranteed that you’ll see a lot of dolphins. The area where the tour takes you is known for being a feeding and breeding haven for dolphins in the wild. The tour will take about two hours but you can make arrangements for longer tours if you want.

4. Key West

Key West is home to several dolphin watching activities. Locals and tourists alike can take their pick of places that best fits their preferences. There are interactive experiences where people can see dolphins up close. There are also tours that only allow tourists to watch from a distance. Other tour operators include snorkeling activities with dolphin watching adventures thus allowing tourists to swim with the dolphins if they want to. Regardless of your choice, the time you spend setting out on a boat to catch a glimpse of some dolphins will likely be rewarded as you watch them play near you.

5. Space Coast

Space Coast is known for its kayaking tours. You can head out from the beach or sign-up for a kayak tour with one of the operators in the area. Indian River and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is the best place to find dolphins. If you’re lucky, they may even approach you. Some of the dolphins you’ll encounter are naturally inquisitive and trusting of humans so enjoy and be responsible around them.


About us

Florida Dolphin Watch is a group of individuals who share a passion for dolphin and dolphin watching. We are "chasing dolphins" not only for the satisfaction of seeing them in the wild. We also advocate ethical ways of participating in this activity and wish to bring attention to the benefits of supporting efforts that help in wildlife conservation. This blog is about dolphin watching and tips that could make this activity more fun and meaningful.

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