Amazing Archers at the Olympic Games

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Just as how pleasurable is watching  dolphins frolicking out in the open water to display their wit and intelligence in performing acrobatic tricks, such is the way of great amazing archers overwhelming display of their targeting skills.

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Witness as they shoot their very best game!

Hubert Van Innis of Belgium- the greatest archer of all time

His excellent performances made him known as the best all-time performing archer at the Olympic Games. He had proven his might by winning six gold medals and three silver medals between the successful years 1900 and 1920. His incredible passion in archery made him the most successful man of Olympic history. This is pretty awesome to note. Two thumbs up for the first Belgian to win an Olympic Gold. Indeed, he is the greatest archer with a fantastic golden arrow.

Kim Soo-Nyung of South Korea- the supreme Olympic Archer

She has been known as “the star of the Korean team“. This world-dominating archer is now a double gold medalist. Her incredible performance led her to be nicknamed “The Viper”.

Park Sung-Hyun of South Korea- meet the Greatest Olympic Archer of the 21st Century

Her terrific skills made her won a gold medal at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Her deep appreciation of archery made her share her thoughts and inspirations. She considered the Olympics as the best memories of her life. For her, the memories are always and will always be overwhelming, exciting and unforgettable.


Matilda Howell of USA- meet the Competitive Archer in the Early Twentieth Century

At the  1904 Summer Olympics, She was an incredible American archer who won three gold medals in archery. Her 17 national championships out of the 20 competitions set her the most coveted golden record of success in American Olympics.

Overwhelming victories! Fantastic performance! The acts of excellence that create accomplishments a country can be proud of. 



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