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5 Dolphin Watching Destinations in Florida


There are many places to see dolphins in Florida. And when you go seek them out you’ll likely have the added pleasure of seeing whales as well. Our personal picks of places to go for dolphin watching are out in open waters – at the ocean where we feel that they are at their happiest. There is something inexplicable about watching dolphins and whales frolic out in open water. Some tour operators even offer swimming with dolphin experiences. There are also eco-tours where tourists can kayak in areas known for dolphin sightings. If you’re looking for places to go for a dolphin watching adventure, here are some of the many you can find in Florida:

1. Destin

Dolphins are naturally playful and you don’t have to find trained ones in marine parks to witness their acrobatic displays. Their spontaneous frolicking can be a constant source of amazement and awe for people who are lucky enough to watch up close. There are many dolphins to see in Destin. And they have been known to swim near the touring boat so you can see them much closer than you might think.

2. Everglades City

Everglades City is a great place to visit for nature enthusiasts who might be on the lookout for some adventures. Here you can go kayaking and let your efforts be rewarded with sightings of dolphins and other marine species.

3. Fort Pierce

Take a tour from Fort Pierce where it’s guaranteed that you’ll see a lot of dolphins. The area where the tour takes you is known for being a feeding and breeding haven for dolphins in the wild. The tour will take about two hours but you can make arrangements for longer tours if you want.

4. Key West

Key West is home to several dolphin watching activities. Locals and tourists alike can take their pick of places that best fits their preferences. There are interactive experiences where people can see dolphins up close. There are also tours that only allow tourists to watch from a distance. Other tour operators include snorkeling activities with dolphin watching adventures thus allowing tourists to swim with the dolphins if they want to. Regardless of your choice, the time you spend setting out on a boat to catch a glimpse of some dolphins will likely be rewarded as you watch them play near you.

5. Space Coast

Space Coast is known for its kayaking tours. You can head out from the beach or sign-up for a kayak tour with one of the operators in the area. Indian River and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is the best place to find dolphins. If you’re lucky, they may even approach you. Some of the dolphins you’ll encounter are naturally inquisitive and trusting of humans so enjoy and be responsible around them.


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