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Why We Should Care About Dolphins

dolphin playing

Dolphins in general are not yet among the most endangered species, except probably for the river dolphins. But just because they’re not nearing the brink of extinction at the moment doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about their plight.

There have been ethical issues raised about dolphins in captivity many of which are trained to provide educational experiences. Dolphin experiences in controlled environments have helped promote awareness about the specie. Many children have learned from their interactions and close encounters with dolphins.

But captivity has found to have negative effects on dolphins. For this reason, many support conservationists’ call for more ethical practices in dealing with dolphins. We are not experts on wildlife conservations. But we are passionate about dolphins. This is why we believe that understanding them more could help in raising awareness on how to better care for them in our own little ways. Here are some videos about dolphins that could make you rethink the way you view them:

1. Dolphins: Even Smarter Than You Thought – Nat Geo Live

There have been many references about dolphins’ incredible intelligence. The 1996 film Flipper has endeared the dolphin to many people who have watched it. The amazing displays of smarts have sparked more interest about his kind. Researchers have likewise noticed intelligence in their subjects. Many have remarked on dolphins’ abilities to learn tricks. And you don’t have to look far than the ocean theme parks that feature dolphin shows. Part of what makes these shows popular, especially among children is the fascinating displays of abilities and tricks dolphins learned from their trainers. This clip from National Geographic explains why dolphins may even be smarter than we think they are.

2. The Cove | Film Trailer | Participant Media

The Cove Movie Extended Clip – Taiji

These movie trailers are about a documentary film released in 2009. The Cove is an award-winning film that is raw and heartbreaking. It was also controversial given the difficulties filmmakers encountered to create the movie. It tells of the dolphin hunting activities in a town in Japan, which was kept secret from outsiders. The lucrative hunting practices had the support of many of the townspeople, which made filming it even more challenging. It is a difficult movie to watch, especially at the part when the horrible slaughter of the dolphins was shown.


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