Safety Tips When Watching Dolphins

Dolphin Show

Dolphins are lovely creatures. Who doesn’t love them? They are cute, funny, lovely! But they can be dangerous too. Of course, they can be disturbed too.

How can we avoid this? We’ll tell you how! Let’s go ahead and tackle some safety tips when watching dolphins.

Keep an Eye on Them

Watch for dolphins all the time. They are fast swimmers and can “fly” too! You’ll never predict when will they jump on and hit you especially when you are near with them. So, don’t leave your eye on them.

Don’t Even try to touch or feed them

Cute Dolphin
Aww. That’s Cute. 2 Seconds Later…

Don’t ever try to do this without a guide! They can bite or even push you into the water. Take a professional with you to guide you when feeding or touching them.

Watch for their Behavior

Do you find the dolphin’s behavior weird? If yes, then immediately move away. Do this at a slow steady pace to prevent the dolphins from being disturb. A sudden change in their behavior isn’t good and could mean that they are disturbed.

Don’t Get into the Water

It doesn’t matter how cute dolphins are too you. Don’t get into the water with them! This can be done with a professional by your side. But doing this alone can be dangerous.

Trained dolphins aren’t that harmful as untrained ones. Do these things to keep you safe and away from possible injuries when watching lovely dolphins! If you want to make your dolphin watching experience memorable, just follow these tips to make the most of it!


Make sure you read these simple tips before driving your family to the dolphin show. Why do wheels look like going backwards anyway? I’m curious about that. Oh, nevermind.

I hope this helps you. Thanks and I’ll see you next time.


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